Nan Hua High School – Recording Experience Workshop

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We conducted a Recording Experience Workshop at Intune Music for students from Nan Hua High School!

This workshop provided the students a firsthand experience in vocal recording and how studio engineers operate in the music industry. This workshop started with a brief introduction to the studio and equipment used for recording.

Next, they were given a chance to record their vocals, this has provided them an exciting experience in being able to sing in a studio and to hear their own voices in the playback. With the students able to observe the studio engineer as he worked on a recorded track, they have gained a better understanding of the technical aspects of music production.

Overall, this recording experience provided them with a valuable experience that is out of the classroom and to able to provide them a new insight into the music industry and learn about the process of recording and producing music.

It was a great opportunity for the student to explore their passion in music and to learn from industry professionals.  We hope that the students are inspired and motivated to pursue their love for music further after this workshop!

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