Yuhua Secondary School – Xin Yao Ukulele Workshop

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Yuhua Secondary students attended the Xinyao Ukulele workshop at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre (SCCC) conducted by Intune Music Instructors, Camille Nah (Lan Huishan), Tay Sia Yeun and Simon Tu!

This workshop also includes a guided tour of the Singapo人‘ Exhibition at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, which focuses on Mandarin music and Xinyao, would provide valuable insights into the cultural and historical significance of Xinyao Music in Singapore.

Learning about the history of Xinyao music and its development over the years would help the students appreciate the genre’s evolution and its relevance in contemporary music. Finally, the ukulele workshop would allow students to apply what they learned and perform as a team, fostering collaboration and creativity.

Overall, the workshop and exhibition tour provided a unique and holistic learning experience for students, introducing them to Singapore’s cultural heritage and music while also developing their musical skills and teamwork.


For other schools, companies and organisations who might be interested in having a similar workshop, do drop us an email at friends@intunemusic.com.sg.


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