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Finally, after 2 years of pandemic and Covid-related restrictions nationwide, Intune Music was invited to conduct 5 days of Kalimba Workshop for the Autism Resource Centre (Singapore), for 12 students ranging from primary school to vocational track during their December School Holidays!


On the 5th day, the students even did a cosy presentation performance in the presence of their parents and caregivers.

We are certainly proud to see how these students enjoyed themselves while learning to play the Kalimba throughout the exciting 5 days!

In our Kalimba Workshop, we understand the learning pace and progression for students in SPED schools, and so we have included simple and attractive visual aids to reinforce their learning. This is coupled with a clear and organised system of presentation, showing the workshop progress to students, so as to provide a structured and enjoyable learning journey.
One of the many benefits of playing kalimba is to help us improve cognitive function and memory. It also helps reduce stress levels and improve mood.

With clear and detailed visual cues in our presentation, and our instructors’ entertaining and effective step-by-step teaching methods, students will be able to clearly understand the programme content with much ease.

By actively participating in this mass group activity, students also learn about teamwork, creativity, as well as communication, reinforcing many important life skills that they will need, and also making them a more proactive learner!

Autism Resource Centre (Singapore) or ARC(S) is a not-for-profit charity based in Singapore officially registered in year 2000. It was started by a group of professionals and parent volunteers dedicated to serving children and adults on the autism spectrum to help these individuals lead meaningful and independent lives in society.

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