Nan Chiau Primary School – Body Percussion Music Exposure Workshop

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Intune Music Directors, Aaron Matthew Lim and Peng Chi Sheng, and Instructors Evan Liao and Tay Sia Yeun, were at Nan Chiau Primary School and conducted Body Percussion Music Exposure Workshop to the whole level of primary 6 students!

In this educational workshop, students are taught that body percussion may be performed on its own, or as an accompaniment to music and/or dance. Body percussion is a fusion of movement and sound. It is where we use our bodies to make percussive sounds and rhythms!

In body percussion can lead to improvement in three areas: Physical, as it stimulates awareness of the body, control of movement and muscular strength, coordination and balance; the Mental, as it improves concentration, memory and perception; and Socio-affective, as it helps to build egalitarian relationships and leads to a decrease in anxiety in social interactions.

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