Millennia Institute – iPad Garageband Workshop

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We conducted a 3-hour iPad Garageband Workshop at Millennia Institute!

In this 3 hours  programme, we seeks to introduce students to the world of music technology, allowing them to create great pieces of music with the simplest of softwares – the GarageBand music application on the iPad. The lessons will focus on teaching students the basics of music, exposing them to a variety of instruments available in GarageBand, for example keyboard, drums, guitar, bass and strings.

Students learn how to play these instruments on the iPad, using gestures and movements that are close to the actual playing technique of these instruments. This allows them to pick up some basic musical skills that will benefit them greatly should they choose to further their music education on their own outside of the classroom. Students also learn how to do simple music arrangement, creating music for a number of pop songs like ‘One Call Away’ by Charlie Puth and other popular contemporary songs.

They will understand how a song is made up of different layers, and how these layers and instruments come together to form a complete piece of music. The lessons will also guide students through the creation of their very own original song, allowing them to exercise their creativity and initiative in this song project. Students get to choose the instruments to use, and also write their own original melody for their song.

Upon course completion, students will be assessed on their original song composition, fulfilling various criteria like Melody writing, Instrumentation, Notes and rhythm, as well as overall coherence of the song. Assessment will be conducted in a small group setting so as to encourage more interaction and cooperation amongst students, and also to develop greater social skills in the students, cultivating in them a sense of responsibility as well as leadership.

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