Turning your iPhone into a Webcam

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During this period, working from home or having online lessons is getting really common and it is fast becoming the new normal. In fact, a number of our music students prefer to have online lessons because of the convenience and the flexibility they can enjoy!

And to encourage them to do so, we are providing a 10% discount for all our online lessons, so our students get rewarded for staying home and staying safe.

Letting your instructor be able to see you clearly during your online lessons is crucial, as it allows your instructor to present you with accurate feedback and suggestions for improvement. Especially for singing lessons, your instructor can observe the way you enunciate your words, and diction is certainly one of the main factors for improving our singing ability.

Though you are able to use your tablets or phone for online lessons, the screen is significantly smaller than that of a computer or laptop, and you may not be able to see your instructor’s demonstrations that clearly. Also, your phone or tablet may make it hard for you to share information or documents with your instructor.

And if you were to just use your in-built camera on your laptop or computer, the resolution might not be so great, and it will certainly affect your visibility of your instructor too.

But, instead of purchasing a webcam with high resolution settings (that also come with a high price tag), you can actually turn your iPhone into your webcam without any additional spending!

Here’s what you need :

– iPhone
– Lightning to USB Cable
– EpocCam App from AppStore
– EpocCam Driver for your computer

The following are some steps to turn your iPhone into your webcam:

1) Download the EpocCam App from the Appstore

Note: this free application supports up to a max of 640 x 480 pixels. If you upgrade to its paid version, it can then support up to a max of 1920 x 1080 !

2) Download and install the EpocCam Driver in your computer

Click the link below for your operating system


3) Turn on the EpocCam Application on your iPhone and allow the application to allow access to your iPhone Camera.
4) Switch your camera in the EpocCam Application to your back camera using the button circled in yellow.

5) Connect your phone to your system

You can connect to your system via WIFI but we do recommend have a direct connection using your Lightning to USB Cable.

6) Change your camera EpocCam

In your Zoom application on your computer system, select the button on the bottom menu (circled in yellow)

Then select the EpocCam option and you have just turned your iPhone into your webcam!

Using this, you can also treat it as your secondary camera angle and you can switch between cameras too!

For more ways to make your online lesson better, watch these Online Singing Lesson Tips by Intune Music Director, Aaron Matthew Lim below!

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