Snowless Winter (不下雪的冬季), A Christmas Song by LimTayPeng


Snowless Winter (不下雪的冬季), A Christmas Song by LimTayPeng !

‘LimTayPeng’ is a newly formed Singapore Music Trio consisting of lead singers Aaron Matthew Lim and Tay Sia Yeun, and composer pianist Peng Chi Sheng. The group’s quirky name is a combination of their surnames, and is also a wordplay on the Hokkien dialect translation for ‘Drink Iced Milk Tea’ !

LimTayPeng strives to inject LOCAL flavour and content in their original songs and performances, and this song《不下雪的冬季》(Snowless Winter) is their 4th Single to date.

Singapore is hot and rainy 365 days a year, 24/7. This song 《不下雪的冬季》 Snowless Winter is certainly a Christmas song, but it does not depict your ‘regular’ Christmas with snowy weather and pure white landscapes. Instead, Singaporeans look forward to a different kind of Christmas that is celebrated by dazzling lighting and festive decorations along Orchard Road, with the shopping malls all dressed up to create long lasting Christmas memories for tourists and locals alike! Even though it never snows in Singapore during Christmas, Singaporeans still look forward to gathering with our loved ones for a hearty Christmas meal and gift exchange too during the festive season!

新加坡乐坛最新的音乐三人帮 LimTayPeng ,是由歌手兼歌唱导师林伟强,歌手郑夏韵,与钢琴手兼作曲人冯启胜所组成的。LimTayPeng 这个搞怪的组合名称是运用三人姓氏的方言读音所组成: Aaron Matthew Lim 林伟强的 Lim, Tay Sia Yeun 郑夏韵的 Tay, Peng Chi Sheng 冯启胜的 Peng。LimTayPeng 就是闽南语《喝冰奶茶》的谐音!

LimTayPeng 的音乐富有本地的风味! 这首 《不下雪的冬季》(Snowless Winter) 是LimTayPeng 的第四首单曲,也正是一首圣诞节庆歌曲。 虽然新加坡是个常年如夏的岛国,但圣诞节的气氛不减,许多商场和街道都亮起了喧哗的灯饰。其中,到乌节路欣赏美丽的圣诞灯饰与圣诞装饰合影也是许多人儿时的回忆。就算新加坡的圣诞佳节没有白雪皑皑的美景,大家依然借由佳节时分聚餐交换礼物,依然期待圣诞的来临。


歌名:Snowless Winter《不下雪的冬季》
制作/曲:冯启胜 Peng Chi Sheng
作词:敏琳 Lynn Lee
歌手: 林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim,冯启胜 Peng Chi Sheng ,郑夏韵 Tay Sia Yeun – LimTayPeng
Music Arranger: Sin Sek Jhia
Post Production Engineer: Sin Sek Jhia

V1 耳边响起熟悉 的歌曲
缤纷彩灯绚丽 亮晶晶
不经意 圣诞就快来临 微风吹起好心情

V2蛋糕糖果香槟 别客气
难得多聊几句 的夜里
不经意 圣诞就快来临 有些回忆在提醒

PC 身旁有你 喧哗伴随着一丝暖意
就算四季 不变也一如往常温馨

C Wish you Merry Merry Christmas
在一年的尾声 只想祝你圣诞快乐
Wish you Merry Merry Christmas
不下雪的Christmas 街道都热闹欢腾
我们一起过个Christmas night
我们一起去看 Christmas lights
这冬季没下雪 却让我期待


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  1. Lim Wei Kian, Aaron Matthew Lim
  2. Tay Sia Yeun
  3. Peng Chi Sheng

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