Good Morning Singapore 狮城早上好 by LimTayPeng !


Good Morning Singapore 狮城早上好 by LimTayPeng !

LimTayPeng is a Singapore performing trio that sings song with local flavour! Our 1st single Lo Hei 《捞鱼生》was a song celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Singaporean custom of eating Yusheng during the festive season. Subequently, our 2nd single was 《喝冰奶茶》 Drink Iced Milk Tea, and it was about enjoying an afternoon siesta and drinking iced milk tea while cherishing the precious moments in life.

And now, for our 3rd single, ‘Good Morning Singapore’, we hope to wake everyone up first thing in the morning! It can definitely get you out of bed and straight into the washroom to brush your teeth! This song also has a fun and educational angle, in which our lyrics teach foreigners some of the ways that they can order a cup of tea or coffee without getting confused by the local slangs and colloquial terms.

LimTayPeng 首首原创歌曲中都带有浓烈的本土风格。第一首单曲《捞鱼生》虽是一首新年贺岁歌曲,却也体现新加坡华族新年习俗。第二首单曲《喝冰奶茶》更是唱出了周末午后闲情,城市中慢下脚步珍惜片刻的美好时光。城市里熟悉的早晨步伐,习惯吃的早餐必喝咖啡或茶,起床后的日常都是 LimTayPeng 在这第三首单曲《狮城,早上好》里希望与听众分享的共鸣。


歌名:Good Morning Singapore《狮城,早上好》
制作/曲:冯启胜 Peng Chi Sheng
作词:敏琳 Lynn Lee
歌手: 林伟强 Aaron Matthew Lim,冯启胜 Peng Chi Sheng ,郑夏韵 Tay Sia Yeun – LimTayPeng
Music Arranger: Sin Sek Jhia
Post Production Engineer: Sin Sek Jhia

Good Morning Singapore 《狮城,早上好》

V1: 谁说Lim Tay Peng 不能趁早 伤胃却戒不掉
Roti带点烤焦的味道 配kaya牛油Thumbs up!

PC1: 早安你好 欢迎收看 狮城大小 日常频道
讲究的是我爱的Sunny Side up

C: 来order一杯 kosong糖不要 我说说情话 甜度刚刚好
选择别苦恼 点鸳鸯就好 偶尔没对错 blur blur也好
快order一杯 浓缩kopi gao 加冰不失礼 口味刚刚好
努力的回报 也许小迟到 别放弃你梦想的步调 狮城早上好

Bridge 1: 闹钟还在闹 赖床醒不了 肚子 却在咕噜叫
一天的美好 早餐最重要 吃饱 不如吃得好

V2: 我们Lim Tay Peng 习惯就好 没什么伤不了
生活带点烤焦的味道 炎热把防嗮学好

Repeat PC, C

Bridge 2: 一日之计晨光闪耀 未来 由我们自己创造
堵车就当路上歇歇脚 Next up~

Repeat C

Last: 再忙也要去kopitiam“打包” Roti Kopi 我都要
你可不可以please 帮我“打包” Roti Kopi 少不了


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  1. Lim Wei Kian, Aaron Matthew Lim
  2. Tay Sia Yeun
  3. Peng Chi Sheng

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