CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity Pop Vocalist Programme!

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Intune Music Vocals Instructors, Huishan, Rebecca, Sitong, Sia Yeun and Zhihui have conducted a series of Pop Vocalist Programme at CHIJ Our Lady of the Nativity for the students there!
With their expertise and experience as vocalists, instructors and/or performers, they will be coaching and guiding the CHIJ Students on the know-hows in singing and performing, and also how to present their song in front of their peers!

Many useful and effective topics will be covered including breathing control and techniques, vocalization, pitch control, rhythm, vocal diction, stage movements, presence and presentation, and also building their confidence in performing!

Intune Music hopes to inspire the next generation of Singapore musicians and singers, right here in their school days through this workshop!
Who knows? You might looking at the next Stefanie Sun or Tanya Chua through the photos right now!

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