Presbyterian High School’s Winning Song 《曙光 Dawn》 Music Video Production

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Presbyterian High School’s Winning Song 《曙光 Dawn》 N6 Cluster Secondary School Songwriting Competition Music Video Production

The winning song from 2018 N6 Cluster Secondary School Mandarin Song Writing Competition is《曙光 Dawn》from Presbyterian High School! This year, besides Presbyterian High School, there were 3 other secondary schools that participated in this Mandarin song writing competition, and they are Yio Chu Kang Secondary School, Deyi Secondary School and Orchid Park Secondary School.

《曙光 Dawn》is written by 3 Presbyterian High School students, and it depicts how their friendship has provided them with wonderful memories that they have shared together in their schooling life, and also the courage, confidence and support that they have given each other, to face the challenges right now as well as in the future. This song has brilliantly demonstrated how much they value their friendship with each other, and the willingness, determination and commitment in continuing their bonds of friendship even though they know that there will be a lot of uncertainty in the future.

We would like to give special mentions to Intune Music Director, Peng Chi Sheng (冯启胜)and songwriting instructor, 譚志華 Derrick Tham, for giving all the students their guidance, coaching and valuable advice in their original song composition, and also for encouraging and nurturing their songwriting skills through the many hours of workshops.

Also, a big shout-out to Mr Sin Sek Jhia from Intune Music, for his professional support and guidance in recording and editing skills in this music production. And also to Mr Patrick Poh from Express Oh Photography and Film for directing the music video, adding moving images to the music, and giving students a positive educational experience of how music videos are made.Intune Music always seeks to inspire and nurture Singapore’s younger generation in creating new local originals, and to motivate them to express their perspectives, interests and feelings freely through words, melody and music!

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