How To Sing In Tune, by Aaron Matthew Lim from Intune Music

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Today’s topic by Aaron: How To Sing In Tune !

Many beginner singers (and even experienced ones) struggle to be able to sing in tune and hit the right pitches at the right time.

The main problem is that singers only think about how they produce sound and how they vocalize, but singers rarely think about training up their ears and being able to listen to notes properly.

We will introduce to you all a simple listening exercise so that you can start training your aural awareness and begin to be more in tune with your musical hearing.

We will also do some simple pitch exercises and scales to start you off towards acquiring good pitching and singing in tune!

Watch this video and let us know your thoughts by leaving me a comment! 🙂

Aaron is Intune Music’s co-Director, and Master Vocal Coach. He is the first Singaporean to be certified under Estill Voice International, as an Estill Voice Master Trainer. He has 18 years of teaching experience, and specializes in English and Mandarin pop singing. Find out more about Aaron here.

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