Estill Voice Training Level 1 and 2 Course 2024 (Sep 2024)

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Unlock the power of your voice with Estill Voice Training! Are you feeling trapped in your journey to discover your unique voice, unable to break free from the stagnation? Perhaps you’ve been tirelessly honing your vocalization, pitching, and voice quality without seeing the desired results.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your own vocal abilities or aspire to gain a deeper understanding of how the voice functions, Estill Voice Training offers the transformative solution you need. Elevate your vocal prowess and precision, not only for yourself but also to effectively guide others toward unleashing the full potential of their voices. Join us on a journey of self-discovery and vocal mastery through Estill Voice Training!

The Complete Estill Voice Training is suitable for anyone who is working with the voice: professional singers, students and amateurs, singing teachers, speech & drama teachers, actors; speech therapists & speakers.

Benefits of Estill Voice Training
– Replaces mystery with knowledge
– Reduces performance anxiety and promotes confidence
– Empowers students to make choices
– Provides vocal variety for performance and daily living
– Leads to a balance of vocal health and aesthetic freedom
– Suitable for all styles of voice, singing & speaking.


This online course delivers the essential Estill Voice Model: Level 1 (Figures for Voice) and Level 2 (Figure Combinations for 6 Voice Qualities) over 5 consecutive days.

In Level 1, participants learn differentiated muscular control over the 13 parts of the vocal mechanism (Figures) & in Level 2 these Figures are reassembled in different combinations to produce 6 arbitrary voice qualities: Speech, Falsetto, Twang, Sob, Opera & Belting. The course also offers effective solutions for challenging vocal tasks and mechanical strategies for voice control problems, tips for practice & application, warm ups & cool downs.

The course is delivered through lecture, audio & video examples, video endoscopy research, individual teaching and group practice. The group setting allows students to work on their own voice and observe changes in others. There will be opportunity for participants to sing or use spoken voice to apply these concepts and figures in practice and receive expert coaching in an open ‘masterclass’ at the end of the course.

Take a look at what past participants of Estill Voice Training Course have told us!

“Estill Voice is a life-changing method. It’s like an insta-filter to your voice spending your time in the dark and suddenly having light in the dark. That’s what it feels like! Naomi is a very beautiful and professional teacher! Thank you for (enlightening) me.” – Tania Levy, Vocal Coach |

“I feel so much more empowered as an actor and singer after the workshop. Having learnt singing for the past 8-10 years, the Estill Model has consolidated and clarified my understanding of how the voice works. I can now apply the information that I have learnt to my speaking and singing voice!” – Joel Low, Musical Theatre Performer

Estill Voice Training has also benefited many speech therapists in providing more insight into the voice works, with directly applicable techniques and exercises that have a great impact on their clients’ vocal improvement!

“Thank you Naomi for sharing a different perspective in voice therapy! I learned so much and can’t wait to try these Estill techniques with my patients.” – Beatrice Teo, Speech Therapist

“Estill is a great course for non-singers and speech therapists. Understanding how the voice works and how to change each aspect in isolation and then to combine into qualities has me great insight into my own voice and into clinical application” – Chloe Ang, Speech Therapist

Estill Voice Training’s training exercises are employed to teach control of such vocal parameters as pitch, diction, and voice quality. Research has demonstrated that control of these features enables the speaker to facilitate listener rapport, comprehension, and recall, as well as helping the speaker to appear more intelligent – and even more attractive!

Vocal knowledge is vocal power. Estill Voice Training uses science to teach voice. This training course has helped many speech therapists in providing additional and supplementary materials and techniques to better equipped them to treat their patients.

Seats are limited so register early to confirm your slots in this workshop!

Estill Voice Training Level 1 and 2 Course 2024 (Feb and March 2024)
13 Sep Friday 10am to 530pm
14 Sep Saturday 10am to 530pm
15 Sep Sunday 10am to 530pm
21 Sep Saturday 10am to 530pm
22 Sep Sunday 10am to 530pm
Fees (Materials Not Included)
Regular (Materials not included) : SGD$950
Speech and Language Therapy Singapore (SALTS) Members and Intune Music Student:  $855  SGD
Early Bird Discount Registration Closing Date: 15 August Thursday before 9pm (Registered and Paid)
Returning Students, please contact for registration.
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