Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop (15th Intake)


Estill Voice Training – 15th Intake
Date: 22 April Saturday
Time: 10am to 4pm (1 hour break)
Location: Intune Music (In person)

“Sing from your Diaphragm or Use your 丹田 ! “ You may have heard people tell you that when you are singing! But is that really the magic solution for everyone? And is there only ONE solution?

How would you like to have MANY vocal answers and solutions that allow you to sing high notes with great ease, to never run out of breath again when singing, and to sing powerfully without feeling tired or fatigued?

Here at Intune Music, we provide the most number of singing courses under one roof, including:

🎤Pop Vocals for Adults and Youths
🎤Classical Opera
🎤Broadway Singing
🎤Speech Level Singing
🎤Estill Voice
🎤Children Singing

So, here’s the truth – there are many music schools in Singapore that teach singing. It’s one of the most common courses offered. Just google and you will find more than a hundred singing classes in Singapore!

However, not many of these singing classes are truly effective. Here’s why:

  1. Many of these classes are only 30-45 mins in duration. What can you learn in such a short time?
  2. Many of these singing teachers are actually singers who certainly sing well themselves, but know absolutely nothing about how to teach other people to sing.
  3. Many of these singing teachers do not know anything about how the voice works, or how to explain things clearly in a detailed but simple manner to their students.

If you’re agreeing with the above points, or if you have had a personal experience with a singing teacher who was like that, then I have just the solution for you.

Here at Intune Music, we SPECIALIZE in singing courses. We attract singers and vocal coaches of all disciplines. And that is why we have so many singing courses to offer you.

So here’s what you will get when you join our Estill Voice Introductory Workshop:

  1. Step by step teaching about your voice and how it works. No more second-guessing. You get the real deal.
  2. Vocal exercises that actually work, and are specifically targeted to solve your vocal problems. Yes, it is possible to shape your voice the way you want it!
  3. Information that you can use to train yourself later on even after the workshop is over. How’s that for long-term value?
  4.  Be taught by Intune Music Vocal Director and the 1st Estill Voice Master Trainer in Singapore, Aaron Matthew Lim, and a vocal coach with more than 20 years of teaching and performing experience.

Majority of the participants who have attended the Estill Voice Introductory workshop are blown away by the amount of useful long-term information that they receive in just this 1-Day workshop.

The best part is, for just $200, you get to learn the exact same vocal techniques that are used by singers on Broadway, Metropolitan Opera, the West End, Sydney Opera House and more!

We will only be offering 12 seats for this workshop, because everyone to have enough time to ask questions, and also to have enough attention for your own specific vocal needs.

Estill Voice Training – 15th Intake
Date: 22 April Saturday
Time: 10am to 4pm (1 hour break)
Location: Intune Music (In person)

Workshop fees:
$200 nett per pax (Public)
$180 (Intune Music STudents / SALTS Members/ Early Bird: by 1 April)

So, if you are keen to join our Estill Voice Introductory Workshop, simply contact us at 92341238 or use the link to contact us directly on WhatsApp!

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