Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop – 11th Intake



Are you stuck in your own process of discovering your own voice, and feeling like no matter what you do, you just keep staying in the same spot? Or maybe you have been working on improving your vocalization, pitching and voice quality?

Or, are you seeking to learn more about how the voice works, and be able to not only use your voice well, but also to be more precise in guiding others to use their voice better?

If so, Estill Voice Training is for you!

Estill Voice Training is a practical strategy for singers, actors, executives, teachers, professional speakers, voice therapists — everyone with a voice! Seasoned professionals and novices alike find Estill Voice Training’s approach to be fresh, enlightening, and adaptable in meeting their individual vocal goals.

Estill Voice Training’s training exercises are employed to teach control of such vocal parameters as pitch, diction, and voice quality. Research has demonstrated that control of these features enables the speaker to facilitate listener rapport, comprehension, and recall, as well as helping the speaker to appear more intelligent – and even more attractive!

“Great in explaining anatomy, and having each participant practice each technique. The trainer was knowledgeable and able to answer questions.” – Geraldine, Estill Voice Introductory Workshop (7th Intake)

“It is definitely enriching and till now it is still a lot to digest but I really enjoyed it a lot.” – Cruyff Chua, Full-time Teacher

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In Estill Voice Training, you will explore and discover your voice by breaking down to the individual aspects of your voice, before combining them together again later on.

“Estill is a great course for non-singers and speech therapists. Understanding how the voice works and how to change each aspect in isolation and then to combine into qualities has given me great insight into my own voice and into clinical application.” – Chloe Ang, Speech Therapist

I feel so much more empowered as an actor and singer after the workshop. Having learnt singing for the past 8-10 years, the Estill Model has consolidated and clarified my understanding of how the voice works. I can now apply the information that I have learnt to my speaking and singing voice! – Joel Low, Musical Theatre Performer

Don’t miss this practical and interactive introductory workshop, aimed at giving amateur and professional voice users a detailed introduction of Estill Voice Training techniques.

Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop (Online) – 10th Intake
Date:12 December Saturday 2pm to 5pm  (3 hours with 15 mins break)
Workshop fees: $50 nett

We only have limited slots available so do register early to secure your opportunity of learning a new creative approach towards understanding your voice and how to use it well!

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