Intune Music 13th Anniversary Open House!

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For this year, we have some exciting news for you! We prepared a series of specialized music webinars, online vocal masterclasses and physical lessons for you to explore and discover what you always wanted to try out!

During the week of 16 Nov Monday to 20 Nov Friday, we have lined up Classical Opera, Keyboard, Estill Voice Training, Pop Singing and Pop Guitar Music Webinars so that you can kick start your music education in the convenience and safety of your own home.

Then on 21 Nov Saturday, we will be holding Online Vocal Group Masterclasses for Estill Voice Training, Pop Singing and Classical Opera so you can experience professional vocal guidance with our instructors online, and get specific feedback and pointers for your singing voice!

Besides the group masterclasses, you can also enjoy on that same day, individual online lessons with our instructors so that you can deepen your understanding and get targeted tips for your singing voice.

Of course, we also arranged a schedule for physical lessons on 22 Nov Sunday, so that you can also choose to take lessons at Intune Music with our instructors in person.

Besides Pop Keyboard, Classical Piano, Pop Guitar and Pop Ukulele lessons, you can also attend, on 22 Nov Sunday, 2 of our most popular and signature courses – Classical Opera Course and Pop Singing Course.

Additionally, you can also choose to attend the one and only course that you will only be able to find at Intune Music Singapore – Estill Voice Training for singing!

Here are the details for our Open House:
Intune Music Open House 2020

Vocal and Instruments Webinars

Online Vocal Master Classes (Max 5 pax per Class)

*Online 30 mins Individual lessons available; based on appointment only

Physical Classes (Limited to 1 pax per class; 30 mins per lesson)

We have made it really easy for you, so you can mix and match the specialized webinars, online masterclasses and physical lessons to get the best value of your lesson experience!

For only $10, you can choose to attend any 2 webinars of your choice. And when you just top up another $20, you can attend any 1 of our webinars and any 1 of our group online Masterclasses. This is where you can get specific feedback on your vocals from our instructor in a group setting, and you can also learn more about singing observing from your fellow attendees too.

And for just $50, you can attend 1 webinar, 1 group online masterclass and 1 physical or online individual lesson! This is one of the most affordable and professional music courses that you can get!

If you prefer having physical lessons, you can add on 1 physical lesson at $20 or purchase a bundle of 3 physical lessons of different courses at only $50!

In summary:

▶ $10 for any 2 Webinars
▶ $30 for any 1 Webinar + 1 Group Masterclass
▶ $50 for 1 Webinar + 1 Group Masterclass and 1 Physical or Online Individual Lesson
▶ Add-on $20 per physical lesson or bundle of 3 different courses at $50

With so many choices, you can choose the arrangement that you find the most suitable, and the most value-for-money!

With our 13 years in the music education industry, you can simply let us know which courses you are keen in, and we will help you arrange so that you can get the best value at our 13th Anniversary Open House!

Contact us at or drop us a text at 9234 1238 and let us arrange for your convenience!

As slots are limited, do register early to get the best slot for yourself!

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If you are reading till now, we want to thank you by giving you a special promotion this Open House!

From 16th to 22nd November, when you enrol for any of our courses, you will automatically get 20% Discount for the 1st 13 months (savings of up to $1500 by the end of the 13th month)!

In addition, when you refer your friend to Intune Music as a new student, you will get 1 more month of discounts, and your friend will automatically get a 10% discount for their 1st 3 months of their course fees!

For more information, contact us at 63360335 or email us at

Terms and Conditions
1) Multiple bookings of the same course for physical lesson are not allowed.
2) Webinar and Online Masterclasses will be conducted over Zoom.
3) Promotion is only valid for new enrolments and are not able to be combined with other promotions.
4) “Save up to $1500” refers to the cumulative savings based on our higher-priced course, i.e. Estill Voice Training over the span of 13 months.
5) For physical lessons, all participants are to wear their face mask at all times and have to maintain a distance of 2 metre away from instructor and for sanitary reasons, face shield is not provided.
6) Intune Music reserves the right to modify Open House 2020 promotions and information without prior notice.