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Intune Music Webinar and Online Workshop 2020 


31 October | Tips on Harmony Singing and Duet Songs with Master Class | Singing Techniques

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Tuesdays 7pm , Saturday 12pm, Sunday 12pm

Here at Intune Music, we teach students how to understand their own voice, and to be able to use it to good effect when singing or performing. This is done through the use of specific vocal exercises that target the problem areas of our voice, as well as with the use of audio and visual feedback during lessons, allowing us to be able to train those aspects of our singing voice that we wish to strengthen.

The programme touches on topics like breath and vocalization, voice projection and control, pitching and rhythm, aural awareness, body movements and even stage performance skills.

In order to heighten the quality of our vocal teaching, our instructors have also attended certified singing workshops conducted by overseas instructors, and are highly qualified to conduct this fun and enriching course for beginner as well as advanced singers. We also provide many performance opportunities to our students who are keen to showcase their singing!

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