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Why are we holding so many webinars on singing?

The reason is simple. We want to help you to break away from all the myths about singing that have been going on for decades, and gain an insight into the most updated vocal knowledge at an affordable price.

For all we know, many aspiring singers and vocalists may have given up on their singing dreams when they were first starting out, because they got frustrated with themselves when they just couldn’t sing right. And this was because there wasn’t anyone telling them that their practice methods were based on myths and misconceptions about the voice.

For example, “Just using your diaphragm to sing” – This misconception has been well instilled into many amateur singers! Just based on this point alone, 90% of our students are shocked when they first learnt that this was actually a huge misconception and highly misunderstood.

With our singing webinars, we are now able to reach out to more aspiring singers and vocalists, and share with you the truths behind these vocal myths. We can also help everyone gain a headstart in their singing education, by grounding their singing foundation in knowledge that is based in science, rather than depending on hearsay from other singers.

Different from many other teaching methods out there, where students are consistently and vaguely told to ‘sing with more feeling’ or ‘sing with emotion’, our instructors base our teachings on scientific research and understanding about how the human vocal anatomy works. Students and singers learn how to isolate these vocal structures, and understand how their throat and their body react to different vocal tones.

This is a more reliable way than depending on ‘feeling’ or ‘imagery’, because everyone feels differently!

In July, we are bringing you not one, but TWO webinars to upgrade and update your knowledge about singing! After attending these webinars, you will begin to be the one that your singing peers will look for when they need advice about singing, and you will have the tools to be able to help them better too.

And so on 11 July Saturday, from 12pm to 130pm, we will have our 2nd session of ‘Uncover the Truth About Pop Singing’, and this time, we will go deeper into our vocal myth-busting, and really take apart the concept of using ‘breath’ when singing, as well as ‘supporting our voice’ with our diaphragm! We will also be using many song examples to help us discover how we can use different vocal tones to sing, and how we can produce these different tones ourselves too.

On that same day, from 230pm to 4pm, we will have our 2nd webinar, where we will then go into how you can choose the right song for karaoke based on your own unique singing voice type, and also how you can know what key you should sing at for any specific song! (For example, how to +/- key at karaoke, and how many keys?)

This will be especially useful for those of us who love to go karaoke, and also so that you can sing better and on key in your next online “全民Party” session with your friends!
With 2 webinars in a day, you can definitely be sure that you will have a better insight into singing, and this will be a great boost to your singing capability!

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1) Uncover the Truths About Pop Singing 2

Vocal Myth Busting and Practical Applications of Singing Tones in Songs
11 July Saturday 12pm to 130pm
Fees: $20 per pax

2) How to Choose Suitable Songs for Karaoke,

and Also Select the Appropriate Key For Your Voice
11 July Saturday 230pm to 4pm.
Fees: $20 per pax

Book for 1 webinar and get the 2nd webinar at $15!