Your Stay Home Vocal Review | Intune Music Online Programme


Intune Music constantly seeks to provide more options to our students to continue their passion in learning music and singing, and we also understand that many of our students have difficulty in attending online lessons with us due to network connectivity or issues with finding a suitable venue.

This is why our school is now launching a new programme entitled,“Your Stay Home Vocal Review” !

In this programme, Intune Music students can send us video and/or audio clips of your singing, and our vocal director, Aaron Matthew Lim, will provide you with valuable feedback based on what he sees / hears. This will be a helpful resource for you to better practice your singing at home!

Simply follow 3 simple steps below to have your singing feedback!!

1) Record Your Singing in Audio or Video (please make sure that the recording is clear, and that the quality is of acceptable standards)
2) Send the video or audio to , or whatsapp to us at 92341238
3) We will get back to you with the feedback for your practice!

We are also opening this programme to members of the public who wish to improve your singing but are unable to attend lessons physically during this COVID period !
For more information, contact us at directly or give a text at 92341238!

Terms and Conditions
1) Priority will be given to Intune Music Students.
2) Video/Audio submitted by students of Intune Music will be kept secret and confidential.
3) Video/Audio submitted by members of the public may or may not be used for promotional or marketing purposes.
4) This programme will end on 4 May 2020, and any materials submitted on or after 4 May 2020 may be referred to the respective instructors.
5) Feedback response time does varies due to scheduling and availability
6) Intune Music reserves the right to amend or change the details of this programme.