Amber Mulvihill featured on Expat Living Magazine!


Amber Mulvihill, student of Intune Music is feature on Expat Living Magazine February issue! Yay! 😀

Jo-Anne Chang-Mulvihill, Irish
Amber (6yo)

Course Enrolled in : Junior on Keys at Intune Music. The course exposes Amber to the keyboard, an instrument she has shown great interest in. Amber likes popular music and the keyboardis a great way for her to learn about rhythm, beats and other aspects of music.

Reason for Enrolling : I had approached a music broker and explained to her what i was looking for, a music class for Amber that would cater to her interests, age and capability. The broker then put us in touch with Intune Music.

Achievements so far : Amber has gained confidence and has been able to further her interest in popular music.

Best challenge : Amber was impatient and immediately wanted to be able to play pop songs on the keyboard. She did not realise that she had to first learn the basics. Her teacher was very patient, kind and understanding, and taught her to slow down and appreciate what she was learning.

Tips for reader : It’s important to ensure that there is a good fit between your child and the music school and the teacher, to ensure that the lessons are enjoyable.

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