Perennial Blossoms 2014 @ Esplanade Waterfront


Perennial Blossoms. Everlasting Songs that last forever.

Intune Music is proud to have performed ‘Perennial Blossoms @ Esplanade Waterfront’, a performance series during the Chinese New Year period. This set of performances by local singer Jerome Won, directors Aaron Lim and Chi Sheng, as well as our instructors Zuo En and Zhi Hui, aims to showcase the everlasting melodies of Chinese and English pop music, as well as the up and coming local song compositions by local musicians! Performances were held at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre by the waterfront.

Check out the pictures of the performances below:
1) 30 Jan 2014 Thurs – Jerome Won – 730pm, 845pm and 10pm

2)Β 31 Jan 2014 Fri – Aaron Lim and Chi Sheng – 730pm, 845pm and 10pm

3)Β 1 Feb 2014 Sat – Zuo En and Zhi Hui –Β 730pm, 845pm and 10pm

We hope that you have enjoyed our performances during this “马’Mar’-velous” Chinese New Year at Esplanade and we will be glad to bring you another wonderful performances next year! πŸ˜€

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