We firmly believe in inspiring the musical interests of not only our students, but also those of music lovers everywhere! This is why we are not only just a music school providing educational lessons in singing and instrument playing, we also provide professional music services to individuals, companies, schools and organisations too.


By providing Live Events and Sound Services, we give our singing students and regular performers a platform to showcase their singing talents and perform to a public audience. Our instrumentalist students also get a chance to showcase their talents at playing the guitar or ukulele and other instruments, and we always conduct in-house auditions and selections to choose performers for the next event we are performing at!


《修煉愛情 Practice Love》- 林俊傑 JJ Lin | 白詩敏 Pek Si Ming & 張祚恩 Joanne Teo Zuo En 翻唱 Cover

Man In The Mirror by Michael Jackson, cover by Jayden Chia

《情人的眼泪 Lover’s Tears》-潘秀琼 Pan Xiu Qiong, a Cover by 郑夏韵 Tay Sia Yeun

《告白氣球》by 周杰倫 Jay Chou, a cover by Joanne Teo 張祚恩

Rise Up by Andra Day, a Cover by Aaron Matthew Lim

Ex’s & Oh’s by Elle King, a Cover by Terry Tan and Shawn at Punggol East Youth Carnival


《追 x Perfect Moment》 , by 張國榮 Leslie Cheung and Dick Lee, a Cover by Intune Music Students

Maybe This Time, a Cover by Intune Music Broadway Singing Student, Clarice Luo

Bad Together by Dua Lipa, a Cover by Sanika

《一路上有你》- 张学友 Jacky Cheung, a Cover by Amanda Liu and Instructor Aaron Matthew Lim at 2mm Talent Hub

I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles, a cover by Declan

《天下的妈妈都是一样的》, a Cover by Jodi Teh on 958FM

To view more videos of our students performing, check out our Youtube Channel now!


Through the Professional Music Production services that we provide, we allow our students to be able to express themselves in these professionally recorded songs, and also give our songwriters and lyricists a chance to be able to compete with other regional writers for a chance to have their songs chosen for a professional CD album.

《新字经》 Original composition sung by Love 972FM Deejays in Aug 2019

LimTayPeng 《喝冰奶茶》 (Drink Iced Milk Tea) – Official Theme Song



Our demo production services provide budding songwriters and musicians an avenue for them to bring their songs to fruition. Watching one’s song transform from just a raw recording on an iphone or mp3 recorder, into a recorded demo with music arrangement, is quite an inspiring experience for a songwriter.

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