Pop Keyboard, Pop Songwriting (M)


  • Classical Piano Grade 8 Practical and Theory (ABRSM)
  • BA (2:1 Hons) Recording Arts (Middlesex University)
  • Honours for Pop Vocals Grade 8 Examinations (LCM)

Chi Sheng (冯启胜) is Director and Music Producer at Intune Music Pte Ltd, and has 15 years of music teaching experience in Singapore. He specializes in helping musicians and songwriting students turn their regular melodies into popular catchy tunes suitable for commercial recording projects! Chi Sheng is also the music producer for co-director Aaron Matthew Lim’s EP that was launched in September 2014, and he wrote 2 of the 3 songs featured in the album, namely 《守护》(To Protect) and 《回心转意》 (A Change Of Heart), which were very popular with Aaron’s fans!

As a songwriter, Chi Sheng has written and published a number of songs for various artistes in the region. These artistes include regional superstar actor and singer Tony Leung Chiu Wai 梁朝伟, for whom he wrote the song 《这次是真的》, and regional artiste Maggie Teng 邓妙华, for whom he wrote the song 《时限》 for her recent album. Chi Sheng brings this experience with him when he teaches his songwriting and keyboard sing and play students, and he also uses his musical talent for private and corporate music production projects that require his songwriting services.

In terms of production experience, Chi Sheng was honoured to be the Assistant Producer for Cultural Medallion Winner and Xinyao Godfather Dr. Liang Wern Fook’s (梁文福) 1st instrumental CD, “Please Tell Her” 《请你告诉她》, launched in 2011. He played 5 of the instrumental tracks on this CD of 12 songs, for big hits like 《担心》by 陈洁仪,《想着你的感觉》by 巫启贤 and《你的倒影》by 洪劭軒 and 颜黎明. This sparked off a collaboration between Chi Sheng, Dr. Liang, as well as Aaron Matthew Lim, with Dr. Liang coming to Intune Music to record demos for various artistes. Always somebody to break music boundaries, Chi Sheng also produced a jazzed-up version of the Great Eastern advertisement jingle, “Life Is Great”, which was first aired on TV in 2007, and continues to be aired occasionally over the years and enjoyed by many.

Not someone to be content with small achievements, Chi Sheng kept pushing the boundaries for his songwriting and music production. In this year 2015, Chi Sheng achieved yet another breakthrough and produced the music for 《收听快乐》, a brand-new Chinese New Year song written by him which achieved a grand record of 24 Mediacorp DJs from the 3 major Mandarin radio stations of 933FM, 972FM and 958FM being involved in this song project! These DJs include 林佩芬 Pei Fen / 谢家发 Jia Fa / 萧嘉蕙 Jia Hui / 钟坤华 Kun Hua / 陈宁Chen Ning / 蔡伟彬 Wei Bin / IVY 陈艾薇 / JEFF from 933 FM, 周崇庆 Chong Qing / 蔡礼莲 Li Lian / 洪圣安 Sheng An / 叶咏梅 Yong Mei / 陈粉樱 Fen Ying / 曾晓英 Xiao Ying / 陈碧玉 Bi Yu from 972FM, 黄淑君 Shu Jun / 巫许玛莉 Wu Xu Ma Li / 邱胜扬 Sheng Yang / 潘家镳 Jia Biao / 林灵芝 Ling Zhi /高逸芯 Yi Xing / 梁萍 Liang Ping / 曾生莲 Sheng Lian / 王帝璁 Di Cong from 958 FM! Local singers were also involved in this production, including Intune co-director Aaron Matthew Lim, Bevlyn Khoo, Elaine Lam, Lorraine Tan and Dawn Wong.

Chi Sheng wanted to stretch his songwriting skills further, and that is why he has also written and produced original tunes for evergreen children rhymes that were made in animations. These were used for the mandarin department of the Ministry of Education (MOE) HQ, and these songs and animations are being used across the nation in all MOE schools for the Primary 1 curriculum! Chi Sheng is certainly a skillful songwriting, able to traverse various song genres as well as different song requests by recording companies, individuals, government organisations and schools. As a music professional, Chi Sheng has also appeared as a regular judge on the Sheng Siong Show for their children singing competitions on national television, and he was also the music director for Budweiser Made for Music, PA Singing Festival, and other major music events.

With regards to his music achievements, Chi Sheng has achieved Honours for the London College of Music Pop Vocals Grade 8 Examinations, as well as a Bachelor of Arts Degree – Upper 2nd Class Honours in Recording Arts from Middlesex University, in partnership with the School of Audio Engineering (SAE) Institute, Singapore. He also has qualifications in Grade 8 (Theory and Practical) Classical Piano from the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).




Pop Vocals, Estill Voice Training


  • Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training
  • Classical Piano Grade 8 Practical and Theory (ABRSM)
  • Popular Music Vocals Performance (DipLCM)
  • Theory of Music Grade 8 (Trinity)

Aaron Matthew Lim (林伟强) is the Director and Master Vocal Trainer at Intune Music, and has 15 years of teaching experience. He specializes in Voice and Performance, helping his students achieve significant breakthroughs in their singing either by way of extending their vocal ranges, or guiding them to have greater mastery over their vocal control and tonality. Aaron is the 1st and only Certified Master Teacher in Estill Voice Training in Singapore, certified by Estill Voice International in 2016.

Aaron has also achieved a Diploma of the London College of Music in Popular Music Vocals Performance (DipLCM), as well as Grade 8 qualifications in Classical Piano (Practical and Theory) with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College London.

Always seeking to provide targeted vocal solutions for his students, Aaron has attended and interned at multiple voice workshops conducted by Estill Voice International, using a voice model that focusses on the scientific understanding of the human voice for speaking and singing. Aaron stands out from the rest of the vocal coaches in Singapore with his in-depth understanding of vocal science and how the voice works, and it is this knowledge that he uses to coach all of his students, sometimes helping them to alleviate long-time vocal issues within the span of just 1 single lesson!

Aaron is also a consummate performer as well as a local recording artiste, having launched his solo EP entitled 《守护》 (To Protect) in September 2014, and being featured in Channel NewsAsia, 联合早报,联合晚报,ST LIFE, MyPaper, 933FM, 972FM, Omy.SG, YOLO.SG, FMIndie, 赞 Magazine and more. Aaron’s 1st music video for the title song 《守护》featured local actor Andie Chen, and broke the 11,000 viewership mark! Aaron has also held music showcases at numerous performance venues like Esplanade Recital Studio (where Aaron held his solo EP Album Launch), Esplanade Concourse and Esplanade Waterfront Outdoor Theatre, as well as Bugis Square and Switch By Timbre. With his extensive performance experience and music portfolio, Aaron is able to coach his students to be stellar performers, and he counts local celebrities amongst his students.

As a professional judge, Aaron has presided over the audition rounds for the Voice of China Singapore Auditions 2016, judging many singers-to-be and encouraging them to put on their best performance. Aaron also judged nationwide singing competitions on Sheng Siong Show on Mediacorp Channel 8, as well as many more events. Aaron has judged beside local singers Chen Di Ya (Superstar), Carrie Yeo (Superstar), Tay Kexin, Peter Tan and Wallace Ang (local Deejay), as well as established Malay artiste Rahima Rahim. His experience as a judge also helps him to have a sharp eye and ear for talent, and he is always on the lookout for singers who have good potential in their voices or in their charisma!

In keeping up with his songwriting, Aaron wrote a song titled 《某天》 for Huang Yida in 2007, and sang a great number of demos for songs that were sold to renowned artistes like Sam Lee (李圣杰). Aaron has also sung a number of demos for Cultural Medallion winner Dr. Liang Wern Fook, the godfather of Xinyao in Singapore, with Dr. Liang praising Aaron for having an emotive and honest set of vocals!




Pop Vocals, Youth Pop Vocals, Pop keyboard, Children Singing, Children Music


  • Popular Music Vocals Performance (DipLCM)
  • Certificate in Figure Proficiency (CFP) from Estill Voice International
  • Organ Electone Grade 6 (Yamaha Grade Examinations)

Zuo En is a music instructor at Intune Music, specializing in pop vocals, pop keyboard sing and play, as well as youth pop vocals. She is certified in Popular Music Vocals, having achieved a Diploma certification (Dip-LCM) from the London College of Music (LCM) Examinations Board! Zuo En has also achieved a Certificate in Figure Proficiency (CFP) from Estill Voice International.

Zuo En has performed extensively in venues such as the Esplanade Waterfront Stage, the Esplanade Concourse, The Arts House, and the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre. She was a finalist in nation-wide singing competitions “Be A Star 2007”, “Battle of the Dynamic Duo 2008”, and was a Top 7 Singapore PK finalist in “超级星光大道5” (“One Million Star”) in 2009.

Her voice has featured in various songwriting competitions such as the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2011 and 2012, and SG:SW 我写我的歌 2019, where the song she sang for the finals《太阳的爱》won the Best Melody award and is currently available on all major music platforms. Zuo En also sang the song “You” on the “My Imperfections” compilation album (2015) by the Yellow Ribbon Project and COMPASS.

Zuo En’s music qualifications consist of a Diploma of the London College of Music in Popular Music Vocals Performance (DipLCM), Associated Board for the Royal Schools of Music Grade 5 Piano, as well as a Grade 6 in Yamaha Organ Electone.

In 2019, Zuo En’s original song《单恋》was featured in ’s《创新声》(Sing Our Song) programme, where it was reworked by veteran producer Jim Lim. 《单恋》was picked up by the “Global Chinese Golden Chart” and remained on the chart for five weeks in February and March 2019 and In 2020 March, Zuo En released her long-awaited first original album《zuò》.

“Extremely constructive in her feedback for improvements. Really nice & helpful & talented & fashionable… Really did feel a significant improvement since I started learning from her!” – Xin Hui, one of Zuo En Pop Singing Students at Intune Music

As an instructor, she has 10 years of teaching experience, coaching students from a young age of 4 years old, up to even ages above 60 years old too!
She is a patient and fun instructor, often infusing many pop elements into her lesson content, making lessons interesting and engaging for her students. Zuo En also has a great passion for pop music, and her students are often inspired to follow in their teacher’s footsteps!



Pop Vocals, Youth Pop Vocals, Pop Keyboard, Children Singing, Encore Music


  • BA Degree in Music Technology from Lasalle College of the Arts
  • Grade 8 Pop Vocals (LCM)
  • Classical Piano Grade 5 Practical and Theory (ABRSM)

Si Ming is one of the instructors here at Intune Music, and she specializes in pop vocals, pop keyboard sing and play as well as Encore Music for children, and youth pop vocal courses too. Si Ming has a Grade 8 Certification in London College of Music’s Popular Music Vocal Examinations, and has attended the Level 1 & 2 Voice Workshop conducted by Estill Voice International.

As an instructor, Si Ming is patient and detailed, often giving students more personal attention and making sure that students understand what is being taught. She certainly aspires to be an excellent music instructor, and to inspire her students to be able to sing and play on the keyboard as well as her! Si Ming has also conducted singing lessons at Pathlight School for a full semester, and this experience has greatly enhanced her teaching ability, as well as her empathy for students who are autistic or even non-verbal.

Si Ming has a BA Degree in Music Technology from Lasalle College of the Arts, and is currently one of the regular performers for Intune Music at our annual performances in public, for example, our annual Chinese New Year events at Esplanade Waterfront Outdoor Theatre. This gives her actual experience in performance, and adds an extra dimension and level of experience to her vocal teaching here at our school. Si Ming is also a regular performer at O Bar in Punggol.



Pop Vocals, Youth Pop Vocals

Sia Yeun (夏韵) started performing at Singapore Street Festival and SHINE festival since the year 2004, driven by her undying passion and desire to sing. Her repertoire covers a wide variety of song genres including Pop Ballads, R&B, Blues, Jazz, Soul, Musicals, and Classical Opera, and multiple languages like Chinese, English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Cantonese and Hokkien. In 2014, Sia Yeun decided to quit her full time job to pursue her dream in singing.

Sia Yeun is the only Singaporean contestant to have successfully made it through to the big stage on 梦想的声音 (Sound Of My Dream) 2016, and she chose to PK international superstar JJ Lin in front of an international audience, consisting of judges like singer A-Mei, popular music duo 羽泉, and singer Jam Hsiao! Sia Yeun is now an instructor at Intune Music, teaching singing and performing to young children and adults.



Pop Vocals


  • Diploma in Music from Lasalle College of the Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from LASALLE College of the Arts

With a voice that radiates beauty and effortless delivery, Gail Belmonte is an emotional performer who seeks to unlock the hearts of her listeners through her music. No stranger to the stage, Gail has encapsulated audiences and made waves in the music scene both locally and abroad, including television appearances, since the age of 5.

Her notable appearances include the Singaporean reality singing competition, The Final 1, and major events such as the President’s Star Charity and Celebrate SG50 in 2013. She has performed in countries such as Europe, Australia and the Philippines.

A passionate performer, Gail extends her artistry to theatre, which led to her debut in Pangdemonium’s 2017 staging of the Tony award-winning musical, Fun Home. These experiences have seen her take Singapore’s most distinguished stages such as the Esplanade, The Float at Marina Bay, The Star Theatre at The Star Vista and the Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands.

Gail actively shares her original music and covers through various social media platforms. Her vocals are featured on the songs “Ain’t Enough Love” by Fulses, “Ready” by The Cosmic Owls and “untitled (what’s it gonna be)” by thecolorfractal.

In 2020, she released three singles – “Tonight”, “You Don’t” and “Restart”. All songs are readily available on the digital music service, Spotify. Aside from her colourful background in recording and performance, Gail is a dedicated vocal teacher.

After graduating with a Diploma in Music in 2016 and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degree in Music in 2018 from LASALLE College of the Arts, she went on to teach singing where she helped her students find their voices through the education of good vocal technique.



Youth Pop Vocals, Pop Keyboard, Children Music


  • Classical Piano Grade 8 Practical and Theory (ABRSM)
  • Popular Music Vocals Grade 8 (LCM)

Huan Cheng is an extremely friendly and patient instructor who has more than 16 years of teaching experience, specializing in teaching children and youth vocals, as well as keyboard playing too. She gets along well with students of all ages, because of her bubbly and cheerful nature and her meticulous approach towards teaching. Some of her student alumni include local singer Kelly Poon and Hong Kong singer Vincy Yong-Er.

As a performer, Huan Cheng has performed at various venues like The Substation, Riverside Hong Bao Show, Esplanade Concert Hall and other places. Huan Cheng has achieved Grade 8 qualifications in Piano and Music Theory with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), and also a Grade 8 in Popular Music Vocals with the London College of Music (LCM).



Classical Opera, Broadway Singing


  • Master in Music, Voice (Royal Danish Academy of Music)

Wang Tong is a singing instructor with Intune Music School, specializing in Classical Singing as well as Broadway Singing. She has been studying voice for the past 10 years, and graduated with a Master in Music, Voice, from the Royal Danish Academy of Music, Copenhagen.

Below are the details of Wang Tong’s achievements and performances:

2011-13 Master in Music, Voice, Royal Danish Academy of Music Copenhagen
2003-06 Bachelor in Music, Voice, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts Singapore
2012 Bel Canto Institute, Firenze Italy with Eva-Hess Thaysen, Professor
2008 Vienna Mesiterkurse with Kristina Laki as professor

2013 Globo Beats by Gert Mortensen, Soprano Soloist with Marimba Duo, Copenhagen
2012 Soprano Soloist, Missa Brevis KV275, Mozart,Svenska Kyrkan Copenhagen
2012 Givera in “Transit” a new opera by Peter Bäckström, Royal Danish Academy Opera
2012 Liu in “Turandot”, Puccini, Royal Danish Academy Opera
2007 Ortlinde in The Valkyrie, Wagner (Bangkok Opera)
2005 Soprano soloist in Schubert’s Mass in G Major under Maestro Lim Yau Accompanied by
NAFA Orchestra (Lee Foundation Theatre, Singapore)

2007 Winner (6th Asian Youth Music Competition, Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Region)
2007 Second Prize (6th Asian Youth Music Competition)
2005 First Prize (Sin Tai Vocal Competiton)
2005 Bronze Prize (Trinity College of London Music Competition)

Åsa Bäverstam, Soprano Soloist, Professor, Royal Danish Academy of Music Copenhagen
Nancy Yuen, Soprano Soloist, Singapore Lyric Opera
Chen Xing, Soprano Soloist, Artist Faculty, Shanghai Conservatory of Music
Zhang Liping, Soprano Soloist, Artist Faculty, Central Conservatory of Music Beijing (China)



Classical Opera, Broadway Singing


  • Master of Music in Voice Performance (Manhattan School of Music)

Felicia is a graduate of Manhattan School of Music, New York, with a Master of Music in Voice Performance, 2012-14. She teaches students at Intune Music to sing Classical Opera as well as Broadway Musical repertoire.

As a performer, Felicia has sung at many professional venues like Carnegie Hall and American Opera Theatre, as well as Singapore performance venues like Esplanade Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall. She also sings at various private functions and events, and has many years of performance experience.



Classical Opera, Broadway Singing


  • Diploma in Vocal Performance (NAFA)
  • Grade 8 Music Theory (ABRSM)

David is a classical singing instructor at Intune Music, and he has sung various operatic repertoire with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra as well as the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) Vocal Department. He has work experience in many different fields, and he brings this experience to his lessons, through his ability to communicate well with people from all walks of life and make them feel comfortable and at ease during his lessons.

David has not only performed in operas like ‘Don Giovanni’, ‘Hansel and Gretel’, but he is also an accomplished flute player, having performed with the Philharmonic Orchestra and Chamber Choir, The Singapore National Youth Orchestra, the Singapore Wind Symphony and many more. David has a Diploma in Vocal Performance from NAFA, as well as a Grade 8 in Music Theory from ABRSM, and he is certainly also a singer to look out for in the local operatic scene!



Classical Opera, Broadway Singing


  • Manhattan School of Music Masters Programme

Praised for having the “passion and projection that will fill concert halls” (The Straits Times), Shaun Lee is fast becoming one of the leading opera singers in Singapore. He has received rave reviews locally and internationally.

He has appeared in leading roles all over the world since he made his New Opera Singapore debut in 2011. Shaun is one of the most versatile singers and has performed a wide repertoire ranging from Britten to Wagner. In 2019, he made his German debut in Berlin in the role of Froh in Richard Wagner’s Das Rheingold. In 2017, he made his Italian debut with the Mediteranean Opera Studio and Festival as Ferrando (Cosi fan tutte) and Count Almaviva (Il Barbiere di Siviglia). With the Mark Oswald Summer Opera Programme NYC, he has appeared as Tamino (Die Zauberflote) and covered Don Ottavio (Don Giovanni). Also, he has performed in Turandot with the Manhattan Opera Ensemble. In 2016, he appeared as Rodolfo in La Boheme with the East Meets West Opera Programme. In 2015, he also covered the role of the Borsa (Rigoletto) with Hubbard Hall Opera Theatre.

With New Opera Singapore, he has appeared in numerous roles including Lysander (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), Chevalier de la Force (Dialogue of the Carmelites), Mercury (Orpheus in the Underworld), Prologue (Turn of the Screw), Alfred (Die Fledermaus), Spirit (Dido & Aeneas). He has also appeared in Concert with Daegu Opera.

Shaun is also an active recitalist, performing such works as Dichterliebe (Schumann), Spanish Liebeslieder (Schumann), Die Schone Mullerin (Schubert), Folksong Arrangements (Benjamin Britten), Spanish & Italian Liederbuches (Hugo Wolf) with New Opera Singapore. He has also performed selections from Songs by F.P Tosti and Composizioni da Camera (G. Verdi) with Belle Epoque Singapore.

Shaun has had the pleasure of working with many orchestras including the Mediterranean Opera Studio Orchestra with Gregory Buchalter, New Opera Singapore Orchestra with Chan Wei Shing, Kids Philharmonic Orchestra with Wong Kah Chun, Orchestra of Music Makers with Chan Tze Law, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra with Tseng Yeh and Maria Sensi Sellner with Hubbard Hall Orchestra.

Shaun is currently studying with renowned teacher Mark Oswald. He was previously studying under Jeong Ae Ree and Dr Wong Su Sun. He has also been in masterclasses with Salvatore Fisichella, Jack Livigni (Royal Opera House), Darren Woods (Fort Worth Opera), Larry Edelson (Opera Saratoga) and Shin Seon Seop (NobleArt Opera, Korea). He has also worked with various coaches including Gregory Buchalter (Metropolitan Opera), Fabio Cerroni (Bayerische Staatsoper), Felice Venanzoni (Oper Frankfurt), Caroline Dowdle (Royal Opera House Covent Garden) Christopher Vazan (Paris Opera), Sara Chiesa (Opera Saratoga, L’atelier lyrique de L’opera de Montreal) and Jonathan Kelly (Metropolitan Opera).

Shaun is a graduate of the Manhattan School of Music Masters Programme.



Classical Opera, Broadway Singing


  • Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours (University of West London)
  • Advanced Diploma in Vocal (Classical) (Singapore Raffles Music College)

Sylvie Lin is a singing instructor with Intune Music, specializing in Classical Singing as well as Broadway Singing. She graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Classical Vocals from Singapore Raffles Music College, and obtained a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours in Music Performance from University of West London.

Besides being part of the Members of Musicians Society of Singapore, Sylvie has been awarded Gold Medal in Belcanto Vocal Category for Singapore International Chinese Arts Festival, Gold Medal in Classical Vocal for Singapore Raffles Musical, Arts and Cultural Talent Competition in recent years and Silver medal in Classic Vocal Group of Global Chinese Youth Art Grand Prix 2009 held in Hong Kong.

Her performance experience includes but is not limited to: Opening Song for Genting International Art Festival 2008, Singapore Chorus Association’s Young Singer Concert and multiple competitions and performances in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Singapore. She has received excellent feedback from these performances.

Sylvie actively uses scientific and orthodox training techniques to nurture her students, keeping them motivated and passionate with singing. She also seeks out the various teaching methods suitable for students according to their competency level, improving their vocal quality.



Speech Level Singing


  • Grade 5 Theory of Music (ABRSM)
  • Level 2 Speech Level Singing (SLS)

Benjamin specializes in teaching pop vocals at Intune Music School, and also has extensive performance experience from doing many local gigs and shows. He is qualified as a Level Two instructor in Speech Level Singing (SLS), a singing technique that allows you to sing more effortlessly and powerfully and is used by more than 120 Grammy winners in the US!

Benjamin also attends vocal master-classes and instructor workshops conducted by SLS professionals both locally and overseas, in order to upgrade his teaching and singing skills. He also has a Grade 5 qualification in Theory of Music with the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

As a performer and artiste, Benjamin started off as a member of a local boyband in the year 1998, recording 3 audio CDs under Sony BMG. He joined the SAF Music and Drama Company while he was serving his National Service, and this helped to build him up as a performer and singer. He was also later offered a recording contract with Hype Records.

Benjamin has performed for various Mediacorp functions and programmes, and he was one of the regular singers and performers at St. James Power Station (Dragonfly), doing shows almost 4 – 5 times a week!

As an instructor, Benjamin is extremely experienced and able to pick out your vocal problems almost instantaneously, employing quick and effective techniques to achieve the quickest results. He is the only instructor at our school who is able to utilize the Speech Level Singing technique in his teaching and guide students towards their desired singing voice. Try his lessons and experience the difference!



Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele


  • Grade 6 Popular Music Vocals (LCM)

Travis Minjan is a musician and instructor who specialises in teaching guitar and ukulele to adults and teenagers alike. He is currently teaching Acoustic Guitar and Ukulele at Intune Music, and has attained certification for the London College of Music (LCM) Popular Music Vocals Grade 6.

As a guitar and ukulele instructor, Travis has taught at various MOE schools in Singapore. These include Ang Mo Kio Primary School, Choa Chu Kang Primary School, Chongfu Primary School, Raffles Girls Primary School, Innova Primary School, as well as Teck Whye Secondary School and Tanglin Secondary School.

Travis is also currently teaching at Intune Music, and gets along very well with students of all ages, including young children, teenagers and working professionals. He is currently pursuing a course in music arrangement and songwriting, and is embarking on a career as a professional songwriting, music arranger and producer.



Guitar, Ukulele, Music Arrangement and Songwriting (English) Instructor


  • Grade 6 Popular Music Vocals (LCM)
  • Electric Guitar Grade 8 (LCM)
  • Grade 5 Theory (ABRSM)

Sek Jhia is one of our more popular guitar instructors at Intune Music. With his easygoing personality and great sense of humour, he is able to get along well with young children and teenagers as well as working adults too. He teaches acoustic pop guitar as well as ukulele, and has attained certification for the London College of Music (LCM) Electric Guitar Grade 8. He also has a Grade 5 certification in Theory from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) from the UK in 2010.

As a performer, Sek Jhia was first talent spotted at the NEA Eco Music Challenge 2011 by Intune Music Director Peng Chi Sheng, who was one of the mentors and judges of this nationwide songwriting competition. Since then, Sek Jhia has been upgrading his playing and teaching skill, and he played an important role in arranging music for a song composition to secure a finalist placing in the Eco Music Challenge 2012.

Sek Jhia is also an accomplished music arranger, and he recently arranged the music for a charity song in 2012 entitled ‘Lean On You’, which featured up to 40 local singers and artistes coming together to record their voices and also film a music video to raise funds for cancer research in Singapore.



Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar


  • Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT)

Deomar is a local guitarist and songwriter who has been making music and teaching guitar for the past 10 years or so. He is registered with the Registry of Guitar Tutors (RGT), and is one of the instructors for the Acoustic Guitar Programme at Intune Music School. He has played as a session musician in Malaysia in 2002 for industry veteran Sharrie Aljunied for various functions. His playing style ranges from blues, rock & roll, to jazz and top 40′s.

Deomar is part of a function and club group Aqal that has played in venues across Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia. The group started playing in Millie’s Restaurant (Singapore) as the resident band, and has moved on to performing at leading 5-Star Hotels as well as top nightspots in countries as far as Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia. In Singapore, Deomar has played at Club 9, Aranda Country Club, Hollandse Club, The British Club, Fullmoon Beach Bar, Cairnhill Cockpit Hotel Lounge as well as other performance venues.

With his extensive performance experience as well as commitment to making music, Deomar is able to ensure that his students not only learn the basics of playing the guitar, but also get a sense of the passion and the inspiration that drives him everyday to make music!



Acoustic Guitar, Ukulele, Pop Keyboard, Classical Piano


  • Classical Piano Grade 6 Practical and Theory (ABRSM)

Evan is an extremely versatile instrumentalist who can play a great number of instruments, including acoustic guitar, ukulele and many more! He is currently a guitar and ukulele instructor with Intune Music, teaching at various MOE schools in Singapore.

As an instructor, Evan is highly experienced and has a great ability to control his classes well, and also to engage their attention during lessons. He has taught at MOE schools like Anchor Green Primary, Yuhua Primary and Jurong West Primary, as well as Teck Whye Secondary and National Junior College, just to name a few.

Evan is certified as an instructor under the Art and Music Instructor Scheme (AMIS), as well as the Programme for Active Learning (PAL) and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL).

Evan has performed at many venues in Singapore, including places like Esplanade Concourse, Rochester, as well as many private performances and wedding gigs too.





  • Diploma in Piano Performance (ABRSM)

Tinghui is an extremely experienced pianist, and he has a Diploma in Piano Performance (2012) as well as a Grade 8 in Music Theory (2007) and Practical Musicianship (2009) from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). He currently teaches classical piano at Intune Music.

As a piano instructor, Tinghui is very patient and kind, and always treats his students as friends, guiding him with kind words and helping them understand the technicalities in piano playing, and also inspiring them to love music and to appreciate the classical piano more.

Tinghui is also an avid songwriter, and he has achieved top results in competitions like NTU Impresario 2013, Xin Qing Rong Ji (心情溶剂)Songwriting Competition 2013, 19th Music Express Songwriting Competition 2013, NEA Eco Music Challenge 2014 and many more. Tinghui was also the music director of NUS Voices, a pop music and singing club in NUS, during 2013 and 2014, directing their performances and managing their rehearsals as well as other performance requirements.

With his extensive experience in songwriting as well as performing, Tinghui is well poised to be an excellent classical piano instructor who can also inspire his piano students to be able to express their musicality in ways that go beyond the regular classroom!



Classical Piano, Classical Opera, Broadway Singing


  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM)
  • Grade 8 Music Theory (ABRSM)
  • Grade 8 Singing (ABRSM)

Adrian is a music educator and vocal coach with a passion for singing and piano performance. He holds Grade 8 certification in Piano, Singing and Music Theory from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. He has experience teaching singers and pianists of all ages.

Adrian has a special passion for choral singing and conducting. He has taken primary school choirs for Singapore Youth Festival competition, as well as guided the Nanyang Technological University choir through an international choral competition in 2016.

Adrian sings with several internationally-recognised choirs, including the Raffles Singers (under the baton of Mr Toh Ban Sheng), with whom he won the Grand Prix prize at the 3rd International Copernicus Choir Festival in Torun, Poland, in 2015.

Adrian is currently teaching classical piano, and classical and broadway singing at Intune Music.



Classical Piano


  • Grade 8 Piano (ABRSM)
  • Grade 5 Music Theory (ABRSM)

Olivia Wang is a versatile and patient pianist instructor, and with a Grade 8 in Piano as well as a Grade 5 in Music Theory from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), she already has years of teaching experiences in coaching piano students from 9 to 30 years old for recitals, graded examinations and competitions from different backgrounds.

She has also professionally provided piano accompaniment for individual rehearsals, vocal performance classes and exam pieces as well.
Well versed in customizing and personalising lesson plans for her students to ensure her students to efficiently achieve their goals according to their individual learning pace and expectation.

Her performing experiences includes (and not limited to) NAFA’s 2020 Open House, and Symphonic Band for Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) competitions.

Aside from piano teaching experience, Olivia has experiences in vocal teaching as well, under the tutelage of operatic tenor Jeremy Koh, she has also developed upon vocal performance and pedagogy.

Currently still pursing diploma in music teaching at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), she is expected to graduate in May 2022.





  • Violin Grade 8 Practical & Theory (ABRSM)

A dedicated and creative individual who is passionate about teaching and education. Nigel is ever willing to accept feedback and gather experience while imparting knowledge and skills to students of all ages and backgrounds. Being open-minded and flexible, Nigel is not afraid to utilise non-traditional methods and materials to capture his students attention and cater to their requests.

Classically trained since young, Nigel has achieved qualifications in Grade 8 Practical (Violin) and Grade 5 Theory from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).



Pop Songwriting (Mandarin)

A music lover since childhood, music composition came as a natural step for Derrick to express his creativity & Stories. Derrick began composing in 1999 & was later signed as a songwriter with a Renowned music publishing house in Singapore.

Derrick had his first song published in 2002, entitled 《我不能飛》, and that marked a milestone in almost 10 years of songwriting and publishing songs with local as well as regional artistes.

Today, Derrick is best known for his collaboration with singer Sam Lee, having written numerous songs for him, including《最近》 (Recently), 《擦肩而過》 (Passer-By), 《靠近》 (So Close), 《 明白》(Realize) and many more.

Derrick is currently a pop songwriting instructor with Intune Music, teaching music lovers how to write hit song melodies and lyrics!

Here are some of Derrick’s Published Songs (發表作品):

  • 我不能飛(I Can’t Fly)-路嘉欣 Jozie Lu
  • 矛盾(Paradox of love)-何静萱 Nicola Ho
  • 不曾離開(Movie Smell of Rain 雨の味)-鹤天赐 Nat Ho
  • 最近(Recently)-李聖傑 Sam Lee
  • 分心(Distraction)-王傑 Dave Wang
  • 這樣就好(That’s all)-鄧穎芝 Vangie Tang
  • 別要走(Do not go)-鄧穎芝 Vangie Tang
  • 讀心術(Read my Mind)-卓文萱 Genie Chuo
  • 擦肩而過(Passer-by)-李聖傑 Sam Lee
  • 靠近(So close)-李聖傑 Sam Lee
  • 下个幸福(Next Love)-卓文萱 Genie Chuo
  • 抱歉(Sorry)-李聖傑 Sam Lee
  • 明白(Realize)-李聖傑 Sam Lee
  • 最後紀念(Last memory)-陽韻禾 Melody Yeung
  • 擦肩而過 (Passer-by)-王馨平 Linda wang
  • 當初 (In the beginning )- 胡夏
  • 第一次(First time)- 陳浩民 Benny Chan
  • 會過去的 (It’ll be Over )- 梁靜茹 Fish Leong
  • 學著走 (台灣偶像劇求爱365插曲)- 胡夏



Music Arrangement


  • Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Writing & Production (Berklee College of Music)

Edwin is a graduate of Berklee College of Music (Boston, USA), with a Bachelor of Music in Contemporary Writing & Production (Summa Cum Laude), with a Minor in Writing for TV & New Media. He achieved stellar academic results during his study years, and achieved Dean’s List rankings in numerous semesters.

As a music arrangement instructor at Intune Music, Edwin is humble and friendly, always seeking to impart his knowledge to students in the clearest manner, and making it easy for complete beginners to learn how to do music arrangement. Young, vibrant and self-motivated, Edwin is very passionate about music, and he makes use of every opportunity to explore new facets and approaches to music and teaching.

Edwin is proficient in various music software, including Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Digital Performer, Cubase, Kontakt and Reason. He also plays the piano and the electone organ.