Come and be inspired by the many courses that Intune Music can offer you! With our Signature Vocal Courses in Pop Vocals, Broadway Singing, Classical Opera, Estill Voice and Speech Level Singing, we offer singing lessons that few other schools provide. We also offer instrument courses for guitar, ukulele and keyboard, as well as niche courses like songwriting and music arrangement. Intune Music really is a one-stop music home for all music lovers and singers!

Intune Music Pop Vocals Course

Pop Vocals

Pop Vocal Singing is one of the most fun and popular singing styles of all time!

In our Pop Vocal Programme, you will learn how to sing your favourite pop songs through fun and engaging lesson activities and vocal exercises that are targeted and effective. If you have wondered how you can extend your vocal range, hit high notes with lesser or no strain, avoid hoarseness or sore throat after a late night KTV session and impress your friends and colleagues, then this programme is for you!

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Intune Music Broadway Singing Course

Broadway Singing

Broadway Singing allows us to belt out our favourite musical songs with confidence.

If you enjoy singing Broadway Musical songs, this course is definitely for you. Learn to sing your broadway favourites, and train up your vocal technique with our qualified instructors who are graduates of local and international music institutions, and also active singers and performers in the classical and broadway scene.

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Intune Music Classical Opera Course

Classical Opera

Classical Opera is one of the most beautiful and classic art forms in music.

At our school, opera singing is no longer the domain of the elite, and we certainly encourage everyone who wishes to have a solid foundation in singing to train to sing Classical Opera. Our qualified instructors not only have certifications from professional arts institutions, they also are practising musicians and performers, and perform classical repertoire regularly at public venues and even during overseas engagements!

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Intune Music Estill Voice Course

Estill Voice

Estill Voice is the ‘secret ingredient’ used by top-level performers from around the world!

Estill Voice singing lessons are taught exclusively by our Vocal Director Aaron Matthew Lim, and he is the 1st Estill Master Trainer (EMT) in Estill Voice Training, the training methodology that is fast becoming the industry standard amongst Broadway singers in the West End. Uncover the secrets of your own singing voice, and achieve vocal breakthroughs with the use of targeted vocal exercises and training techniques based in scientific research! Discover the difference that is Estill now!

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Intune Music Speech Level Singing Course

Speech Level Singing

Speech Level Singing is used by more than 120 Grammy Award Winners worldwide.

Want to discover the secret vocal training technique that more than 120 Grammy Award winners use? Speech Level Singing (SLS) is taught by instructors worldwide, and many singers, including popular Mandarin singers like Wang Lee Hom (王力宏), have achieved great results through the vocal exercises and training techniques provided by SLS instructors. Learn from our very own SLS Certified Instructor, Mr. Benjamin Eio, and experience the secrets of the stars now!

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Intune Music Classical Piano Course

Classical Piano

Classical Piano lessons do not always have to be boring and dry!

Here at Intune Music, our students learn to enjoy piano music through lessons that are conducted in our casual and friendly music school environment. Our instructors are engaging and friendly, and certainly will not use a ruler to hit you on the fingers if you play your notes wrongly! ;p

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Intune Music Pop Keyboard Course

Pop Keyboard

Impress your friends and family with your new-found Pop Keyboard skills.

Learn how to play the keyboard quickly and easily, with the use of solfege and chords instead of formal and complex classical notation. This allows our students to grasp the concept of keyboard playing almost instantly, and also trains you to be able to play by ear, without having to read any complicated music scores!

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Intune Music Acoustic Guitar Course

Acoustic Guitar

The Acoustic Guitar is a contemporary musician’s companion for gigs and performances.

Guitar players always have an air of ‘coolness’ around them, especially when performing on stage, or just strumming some chords in a casual setting with friends. Pick up guitar playing quickly and easily, with our instructors guiding you on topics like playing posture, fingering, chords and frets, strumming patterns, rhythm exercises, groove, as well as music theory made simple to understand!

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Intune Music Ukulele Course


The Ukulele is a happy and joyous instrument that is easy for beginners to learn.

The Ukulele has a fun and lively sound, making it very suitable for parties and gatherings with friends and family. Many children and youths also find it easy to start their musical training with the Ukulele, with its 4 strings and simple basic chords, and its nylon strings that are not so harsh on the fingers. Come experience this friendly instrument now and understand why it is an extremely popular musical instrument nowadays!

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Intune Music Electric Guitar Course

Electric Guitar / Bass

Rock the house down with an electric guitar solo or a groovy bass line.

Want to learn how to solo like an electric guitarist, or groove like a bassist in a band? Our Electric Guitar / Bass courses will provide you with the foundational skills to be able to play the instrument of your choice with proper playing techniques. The electric guitarist is usually the more flamboyant player in the band, whereas the bass player hides in the background. However, a solid bass line can certainly rock the house down!

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Intune Music Pop Songwriting Course

Pop Songwriting

Pop Songwriting is the art of telling your story through a good song and heartfelt lyrics.

We all have interesting stories to tell, whether we realise it or not. And telling your story through song is the fundamental skill that our Pop Songwriting Programme seeks to instill and spark off in you! Our experienced songwriting instructors have sold songs to pop artistes in the region, and are highly qualified to advise you on how to write an enthralling song, and how you can tell an engaging story with your song. Try your hand at songwriting, and before long, you will be hooked onto this art of telling stories through music!

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Intune Music Music Arrangement Course

Music Arrangement

Music Arrangement is the technique of enhancing the feel and flavour of a good song.

A good melody and lyrics makes a good song, but an impressive and engaging piece of music arrangement enhances the entire song and brings out the flavor of its melody and lyrics too! Learn how to arrange a great piece of music arrangement with a blend of modern technology and a keen ear for harmonies!

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Intune Music Children Vocals Course

Children Vocals

Teach Children to sing, and they learn communication, care, and confidence!

Here at Intune Music, we believe that Singing should be taught to children when they are young, in order to expose them to the appreciation of the musical arts, and also build up their self-confidence and personal expression too! The basics of singing – breath, vocalization, pitch, rhythm and ear training – will be imparted to the young children in a fun and engaging way, and all songs taught will be suitable for children of their age range.

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Intune Music Encore on Keys Course

Encore On Keys

The Encore SMART System is contemporary, vibrant, creative, engaging and comprehensive.

The Encore Music approach is a world-class approach to education that was founded by Mark Gibson and Morna Robinson from Australia. The Encore SMART System integrates all of the essential music learning elements into one complete teaching method. It’s contemporary, vibrant, creative, engaging and comprehensive. It encompasses five teaching strategies or learning approaches in SMART – Snap Shot; Movement, Modelling and Gesture; Aural and Singing; Rhythm and Reading; Technique and Artistry.

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Intune Music Kinder Beat Course

Kinder Beat

The Kinder Beat Programme is groundbreaking and stimulating for young children.

The Kinder Beat program utilises groundbreaking early childhood education principles and introduces young children to music in a way that stimulates all their senses. It features many activities that children of the 21st century need for brain development and acceleration. Suitable for students aged from 2 to 4 years, the level of creativity and essential musical foundations can be seen on every page and heard on every sound track.

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