Punggol Green Primary School – Lyrics Writing Workshop with Recording

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Intune Music conducted a Lyrics Writing Workshop, with recording session, for the Primary 6 students from Punggol Green Primary School (培林小学) as part of their Post PSLE Examination Activity in Oct/Nov 2022!

With guidance of our instructors, the students had successfully written their own song based from the original from LimTayPeng’s 《Good Morning Singapore 狮城早上好》!

After using the lyrics writing techniques that were taught in the workshop and getting inspirations from their own creativity, thinking and daily life, 5 selected students got their opportunity in turning their own creation on paper into reality!

We did a vocal recording with their own voice with their very own song creation, and then short videos were recorded and edited by their teachers, making shorts films that turned their own song creation into reality!

Through these activities and the guidance through the workshop, the students had further developed on their creative thinking ability and discover ways to express themselves! The following are some of their original creations!

This has definitely provided the students a great opportunity to explore their interest in music and we absolutely proud be part of their music education journey!

For other schools, companies and organisations who might be interested in having a similar workshop, do drop us an email at friends@intunemusic.com.sg.


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