Tanjong Katong Secondary School – Kalimba and Ukulele Workshop 2022

MOE, Workshops

Intune Music Instructors, Pek Si Ming and Teo Zuo En conducted the Kalimba and Ukulele Workshop at Tanjong Katong Secondary School as part of the their Post Examination Arts Learning Activity in October, and through these two workshops, the students got to learn the fundamentals of the Ukulele and Kalimba from our instructors.

In workshops, students are also split into groups, so that the teaching of the materials can be efficiently taught and songs that were used in the workshop are current and popular so that students know how to play the current using the Ukulele and Kalimba with their favourite songs!

For other schools, companies and organisations who might be interested in having a similar workshop, do drop us an email at friends@intunemusic.com.sg.


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