Maris Stella High School – Ukulele Workshop @ Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

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We have conducted a Xinyao (新谣) ukulele workshop for Maris Stella High School at Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre on 21 October 2022 ! This workshop is part of Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre’s Exhibition focusing on Mandarin Music and Xinyao (新谣), where students would learn about the history of Xinyao Music and its development over the years in Singapore after the guided tour by our instructors, students were also taught on how to play a Xinyao (新谣) song on the ukulele and perform as a team

Xinyao (新谣)  Music started in the early 1980s, heavily influenced by Taiwanese Folk Songs and songs composed by college students then. It then started to gain popularity in Singapore in the 80s, where songs with simple melodies are accompanied by instruments like the guitar, with lyrics that are often infused with deep meaning and emotions about their lives. Xinyao (新谣) is a very unique music culture in Singapore and its rich history and its development throughout the years is very educational for the younger generation to learn as part of their educational jounry.



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