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We have conducted more than 40 Music Workshops in MOE School in Singapore and the following are the list of NAC-AEP Programme that we are offering!

Xinyao Appreciation Programme (Digital Format Available)

Students will be given an in-depth understanding of Xinyao – how it began, how it rose in popularity, and how it started to fade away, and also how it has currently evolved to become a modern-day music phenomenon that is rising in popularity once again. And this will also open up a debate on ‘What is Xinyao?’, making students question and google more about Xinyao and what it really means.

The presentation will be done in a fun and interesting manner, with narration by a central narrator, and singing performances by a group of singers. This will be done in a video format, much like a Youtube video presentation, with subtitles to ensure that students are able to understand the content of the video better.

Programme Guide| More information on NAC Website

S-Pop Appreciation Programme (Digital Format Available)

Students will be given an in-depth look at what is ‘S Pop’, and explore the beginnings of this cultural phenomenon from the days of Xinyao music, to the current local singers and S Pop artistes and songwriters.

This presentation will revolve around presentations and performances by local quirky performing trio ‘LimTayPeng’, comprising of Aaron Matthew LIM, TAY Sia Yeun and PENG Chi Sheng, as well as local renowned songwriter Derrick Tham.

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Songwriting – The Genesis of A Pop Song (Digital Format Available)

Students will be given a more in-depth understanding into The Songwriting Process, and how to write a song quickly and easily!

The main aim for this Exposure Programme is to expose the students to the art of songwriting, making it fun and engaging for the students, and allow them to draw inspiration from their daily life, turning their daily activities and thoughts into their own original songs and lyrics!

This presentation can be done in either Mandarin or English.

Programme Guide| More information on NAC Website

Basic iPad Garageband Course

This programme seeks to introduce students to the world of music technology, allowing them to create great pieces of music with the simplest of softwares – the GarageBand music application on the iPad.

The lessons will focus on teaching students the basics of music, exposing them to a variety of instruments available in GarageBand, for example keyboard, drums, guitar, bass and strings. Students learn how to play these instruments on the iPad, using gestures and movements that are close to the actual playing technique of these instruments. This allows them to pick up some basic musical skills that will benefit them greatly should they choose to further their music education on their own outside of the classroom.

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Basic Pop Vocalist Course

This programme seeks to provide students with basic vocal knowledge, based on the 5 Basics of Singing: Breath, Voice, Pitch, Rhythm and Diction. These 5 basics will also aid students in their future learning throughout their singing education.

Upon course completion, students will be assessed on their singing ability, as well as their rhythm sense and overall teamwork and coordination with the rest of their peers. Assessment will be conducted in a group setting so as to encourage more interaction and cooperation amongst students, and also to develop greater social skills in the students, cultivating in them a sense of responsibility as well as leadership.

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