Bukit View Secondary School – Xinyao Programme


Various of Intune Music Instructors  (Alex,  Derrick Tham, Hui Shan and Tay Sia Yeun) and Intune Music Directors (Aaron Matthew Lim and Peng Chi Sheng) were invited to Bukit View Secondary School ( 百德中学 ) to conduct Xinyao Appreciation Programme (Digital Format) and Xin Yao Lyric Rewriting Workshop  for their 母语双周活动 event!

Through this event, the students are given an in-depth understanding of Xinyao (新谣) – how it began, how it rose in popularity, and how it started to fade away, and also how it has currently evolved to become a modern-day music phenomenon that is rising in popularity once again. And this will also open up a debate on ‘What is Xinyao?’, making students question and google more about Xinyao and what it really means.

From  Xinyao Appreciation Programme (Digital format), the students are able to:

1) Learn about the Xinyao Campus Folk Song Movement, as well as singing and sharing about the songs by a narrator and the 2-3 singers
2) Development of Xinyao over the years
3) What are the Characteristics of a Xinyao Song?
4) Learning about Important Xinyao Pioneers like Eric Moo, Dr Liang Wern Fook
5) Highlight the differences in lyrics themes and genre of songs between songs during Xinyao and Post-Xinyao phases
6) Perform a number of Xinyao songs for the students to appreciate

The objective of the Programme is to:

1. To educate and share with the younger generation that Xinyao is an unique and an important part of Singapore’s mandarin music history. It is an important heritage/legacy of Singapore.
2. To inspire them to like the mandarin language MORE by making it more FUN when music is incorporated and mandarin words are being sung. Mandarin can be interesting and not boring.
3. To inspire them to pick up Mandarin songwriting and to sing more Mandarin pop songs.
4. To learn more about Singapore’s history, friendship, school life, family, philosophy, environment, patriotism through the songs.

From Xin Yao Lyric Rewriting Workshop

The students are taught the essential elements of songwriting, and then rewrite them with their own ideas and words using the same melody. Our instructors have seen interesting creations in their Xinyao Lyrics when the students wrote about the things they like, such as chicken wings, wanton mee, playing other favorite games!

Through this engaging and interactive songwriting workshop, we hope that the younger generation will able to carry on the unique music culture of Singapore and that we can spark the creativity and music potential in the younger generation and for them to gain a better perspective and understanding on Xinyao, as this is the rich and unique culture of Singapore mandarin music scene!

For other schools, companies and organisations who might be interested in having a similar workshop, do drop us an email at friends@intunemusic.com.sg.


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