Maris Stella High School Lyric Rewriting Workshop and Exhibition Tour

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Intune Music Directors, Aaron Matthew Lim and Peng Chi Sheng and various instructors from Intune Music went to Singapore Chinese Cultural Center on 29 March Monday and conducted a Lyric Rewriting Workshop and  Singapore Chinese Cultural Center Tour for over 40 students from Maris Stella High School students!

In this workshop, students are guided by our instructors to rewrite the song, the 2019 Chinese New Year Song 《 捞鱼生The Lo Hei Song》

This song is commissioned by the Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, the Lo Hei Song highlights yusheng, which is now a popular part of our Chinese Singaporean culture. The catchy tune was composed by our director, Peng Chi Sheng, and sang by our vocal director, Aaron Matthew Lim with our vocal instructor Tay Sia Yeun!

Through the Lyric Rewriting Workshop “Let’s Do the Lo Hei Twist”, the students learnt the essence behind songwriting, for example using their 5 senses and memories so to inspire them to replace the words in the song appropriately and with the Exhibition Tour at Singapore Chinese Cultural Center, this will further instill our popular part of our Chinese Singaporean culture into the younger generation!

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