Basic iPad Garageband Course at NYJC

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We went to NYJC to conduct a Basic iPad Garageband Course for the students over there!

This programme seeks to introduce students to the world of music technology, allowing them to create great pieces of music with the simplest of softwares – the GarageBand music application on the iPad.

The lessons will focus on teaching students the basics of music, exposing them to a variety of instruments available in GarageBand, for example keyboard, drums, guitar, bass and strings. Students learn how to play these instruments on the iPad, using gestures and movements that are close to the actual playing technique of these instruments.

This allows them to pick up some basic musical skills that will benefit them greatly should they choose to further their music education on their own outside of the classroom.

Besides creating music tracks, our instructors also taught the usage of loops and beat sequencer and to create tunes and background music for videos!

For a better facilitation of the course, we can provide additional instructors to walk around to assist the students when they encounter any issues.

For more information on this programme, you may visit the link below from NAC!
NAC – Basic iPad Garageband Course (Click to View)


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