Nan Hua Primary School Xinyao (新谣) Appreciation Programme

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It’s time for Intune Music’s Xinyao Appreciation Programme (新谣) at Nan Hua Primary School!

Intune Music Instructors, Derrick Tham 譚志華, Joanne Teo Zuo En 張祚恩, Tay Sia Yeun 郑夏韵, Lee Ting Hui and local artiste, Drake Lim 文强, together with Intune Music Director, Peng Chi Sheng 冯启胜 were at Nan Hua Primary School and they presented Xinyao (新谣) Appreciation Programme in a fun and interesting skit and also song performances!

Nan Hua Primary School Xinyao Appreciation 1

Nan Hua Primary School Xinyao Appreciation 2

The students from Nan Hua Primary School were given an in-depth understanding of Xinyao (新谣)’s origins and its rise and then gradual fade in popularity.

The objective of this Xinyao Appreciation Programme is to educate and share with the younger generation that Xinyao (新谣) is a unique and an important part of Singapore’s mandarin music history.

It also is to inspire them to love the mandarin language more by making it more interesting and engaging when music is incorporated into the presentation!

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