Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop | 17th Intake


What exactly is Estill Voice Training, and, most importantly how can it help improve your singing ability?

In broad terms, Estill Voice Training puts scientific theory into concrete practice to maximize voice control for speaking, singing, and overall health. It teaches isolated control of individual anatomical structures within the voice production system.

In another words, Estill Voice Training believes that by learning to control the individual structures in our body that control singing, a singer will be able to have full control over their voice. We often hear people discuss Head Voice, Chest Voice, and Mix Voice. The problem with this terminology is that it can be too confusing and vague for many, particularly beginners, as it lacks specificity. However, Estill Voice Training provides specific vocal techniques to achieve desired singing qualities

For example, when others might refer to a particular singing quality as ‘head voice,’ Estill Voice Training recognizes that it could involve falsetto, thin folds, belt, thyroid tilt, or a combination of techniques.

The specific vocal techniques will greatly assist you in recognizing and understanding the differences between each singing quality, as the saying goes, ‘Vocal knowledge is Vocal Power.’
Check out a couple of testimonials from previous participants in the Estill Voice Training introductory workshops.”

“Would highly recommend this introductory course to Anyone who is interested in how our voice works scientifically and how to isolate and aurally recognise which individual muscles affects what comes out when we use our voice.” – David Tao, Classical Singing Instructor

“Great, interesting technical information. Also sparks the curiosity of the many amazing techniques of the voice.” Erika, Pop Vocal Student

Join the Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop on 14 July Sunday 11am to 2pm conducted by Intune Music Vocal Director and Estill Master Trainer, Aaron Matthew Lim, and discover how Estill Voice Training can enhance your singing ability.

Only 8 slots are available, so register today!
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Estill Voice Training Introductory Workshop | 17th Intake
Date: 14 July Sunday 11am to 2pm (3 hours)
Workshop Fees:
$150 per student

Information and Details:
1) Minimum: 3 students to start
2) Maximum: 8 students
3) If there is less than 3 pax, option to get a refund or convert the payment to 1-hour individual director singing lesson
4) Fixed date and timing
5) No makeup sessions for missed classes due to any reasons