Stay Home Singing | Learning Materials For Practice


We, at Intune Music, understand that practising your singing at home can be tough! And without any materials to guide you through your practice, it might not be as productive as it can be.

This is why we have come up with this playlist of practice music, to aid you in doing your daily vocal warmups. These are based on some of the most common vocal warm up drills that your instructors do with you in class, and will continue to be expanded as we go along.

The starting keys range from G Major, all the way to a range of an octave or even 2 octaves. Students are encouraged to listen to the music track, and try out their exercises with this practice music.

Singing Scales for Home Practice

For Beginners
For Intermediate Learners
For Advanced Learners

If you encounter any problems, please also contact your friendly instructors, or contact us at 92341238 or

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