Speed Up Your Singing Techniques | 8 Lessons Workshop

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Intune Music Online Singing Workshop

Have you been using ‘全民Party’ with your friends to cure that karaoke singing itch?

We all know that the feeling of singing in a real karaoke place is certainly different, but for now, this singing app is the closest thing we can have.

However, you might have noticed that when you are singing online, your voice quality tends to be amplified so much more. Going off pitch sounds much more obvious now, and your diction is also much more obvious and clear.

Just because you can’t see your friends’ true reaction, doesn’t mean that they are not giving that cringey face behind the screen whenever they hear something badly sung…

You may have also heard some friends, whom you thought were good singers (having heard them sing during your karaoke sessions together), going off pitch quite badly when they are singing online! Now why is that so?

The reason is that although they are relatively good karaoke singers, they do not have the proper fundamental singing techniques. So whenever they sing online, their voice gets amplified and their singing habits or problems become more obvious!

For online singing and live singing, a good strong foundation in fundamental singing techniques is definitely needed, for you to sing with correct pitching, engage appropriate breath support, deploy proper vocal projection and other important singing techniques.

With more than 10 years of teaching experience, Intune Music Vocal Instructor Joanne Teo Zuo En (DipLCM | CFP Estill Voice International) will be conducting a short 8-lessons pop vocal singing course, so you can understand your own voice better, and to be able to use it to good effect when you are singing or performing.

Zuo En specializes in pop vocals, pop keyboard sing and play, as well as youth pop vocals. She is certified in Popular Music Vocals, having achieved a Diploma certification (Dip-LCM) from the London College of Music Examination Board. Zuo En has also achieved a Certificate in Figure Proficiency (CFP) from Estill Voice International

Throughout the years, she has been coaching students from a young age of 7 years old, up to even 40-50 years of age too! She is a patient and fun instructor, often infusing many pop elements into her lesson content, making lessons interesting and engaging for her students.

“Extremely constructive in her feedback for improvements. Really nice & helpful & talented & fashionable. Really did feel a significant improvement since I started learning from her!”Yang XinHui, Joanne’s Pop Vocal Student

And this year, she has just released her 1st original album《zuò》and got many great reviews from multiple reputable media sites including Lianhe Zaobao, The Straits Times and Bandwagon. Her songs are also being played many times over at various radio stations in Singapore.

She is no stranger to online lessons, and she has also performed with Zaobao.sg’s live stream before, so with that hands-on experience, she will definitely be able to impart her knowledge to you so that you can improve on your ‘live’ online singing ability!

Speed Up Your Singing Techniques | 8 Lessons Workshop

Saturdays 12pm to 1pm starting from 13 June (Ask us for the list of dates!)

 Basics of Singing, Discovering Your Vocal Range and Vocal Characteristics 

Knowing Your Own Vocal Range and Type for choosing a suitable song for yourself!

Understanding Voice Production (True Vocal Folds and False Vocal Folds.) 

Further understanding in your vocal tones

The Concept of Vocal Projection and Twang 

Learning on Vocal Projection and Twang based on your vocal type.

 Practical Exercises for Warm up and Drills for Self-Practice

Learning the correct techniques for warm up and drills for self improvement and practice

 Application of Vocal Theory to Practical Aspects of Singing

Participants to take turns to apply the knowledge they learnt on the songs

Workshops Fees
$200 per pax

[BONUS] When you recommend this course to your friend, and sign up together, both of you will get a straight discount of $20 nett each for the course!

Limited Slots Available!

Or contact us at friends@intunemusic.com.sg or what’s app us at 9234 1238 book your today! 


Terms and Conditions
1) Minimum Students for this course required is 3 pax
2) Dates and Timeslots are fixed
3) This Workshop are conducted over Google Meet.