Vocal Guide for Business Interview and Presentation – An Estill Perspective

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You are all ready for that upcoming interview, right?

Well-Written Resume – Checked
Personal Grooming – Checked
Nice Suit – Checked
Presentable Footwear– Checked
Company’s Background Knowledge – Checked

Well, looks like you have everything checked out, except for knowledge about one important component that will give you that extra edge in getting the job position that you want.

Your Voice!

Like the saying goes, “It is not about WHAT you are going to say, but HOW you will say it.”

Even if your experience, skillset and education is impressive and above-average, if your voice is monotonous or if you are unable to project your voice properly and confidently, you are literally giving the job to the next person on the interviewer’s list!

Having the ability to able to control your pitch, diction, voice projection and speaking tone quality increases listener rapport and comprehension, which will leave a lasting good impression on your interviewers, giving you that extra edge to get that sought-after job position.

Estill Voice Training is a complete voice training system that is based on scientific research and findings on vocal anatomy, where you learn how to isolate vocal structures, and also understand which part of your throat and vocal anatomy is responsible for what type of vocal tones.

This voice model is so effective that many speech therapists in Singapore have given good reviews about it, and their Estill training has certainly helped them in their clinical practice!

“(From) the Estill Workshop I have learnt, how to use different types of styles and also how to achieve different types of voices, and most importantly, some of the therapy techniques that I may be able to apply to my patients for future voice therapy!” – Fahimah Thalib, Speech Therapist

“Estill is a great course for non-singers and speech therapists. Understanding how the voice works and how to change each aspect in isolation and then to combine into qualities has me great insight into my own voice and into clinical application” – Chloe Ang, Speech Therapist

On 21 June Sunday 5pm, Intune Music Vocal Director and Singapore 1st certified Estill Master Trainer, Aaron Matthew Lim, will be helping you get that extra edge in your interview in – Intune Music Webinar – Vocal Tips for Business Interview and Presentation – An Estill Perspective

Other content in this webinar include:
• Understanding our vocal anatomy
• Learning about vocal warmups before presentation
• The usage of different vocal tones when speaking
• Exploring vocal folds and larynx positions
• Learning how voice is linked to emotion

There will also be a Q&A session where you can have your many questions about singing answered.

Reserve your slot in this webinar so that you are one step closer to getting your job position.

To facilitate better management of the webinar, please register at the following link:
https://forms.gle/Yo8nKw5HVSuYM7u9A (via Google Form)