Intune Music @ TGIF Music Station 周5音乐站

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Intune Music will be performing on 21 February Friday 730pm at TGIF Music Station 周5音乐站!
Featuring Intune Music Directors and Instructors, Limtaypeng, 張祚恩 Joanne Teo Zuo En, Pek Si Ming 白詩敏, Benjamin Eio, Kwek Huan Cheng 郭焕增 and Terry Tan with student performers, Aerian Foong ( 冯敬义), Annabel Koh ( 许玮恩), Bernice Yeo ( 杨叡璇 ), Chin Pei Inn ( 陈姵颖 ), Declan Zac Chan ( 陈语喆 ) , Jodi Teh (郑乐娸), Lea Lim (林利儀) and Sophia Sun (孙菡悦)!
Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre 新加坡华族文化中心
Ho Bee Concourse 和美广场
Level 1
Admission is free, so enjoy an wonderful Friday evening with Intune Music!

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